July 16, 2012

The "REAL" Reality TV

I have always been a reality TV watcher.  I only watch two shows out of all the reality TV that has taken over our airwaves in recent years. I watch Survivor and The Amazing Race. That is it.  I have tried a time or two to watch Big Brother or The Apprentice.  I did not last long with those.  To me, the drama of the romance reality TV is just sickening.  I have never watched any of the Bachelor shows or any American Idols shows.  The music shows I just cannot stomach either.  Watching all those shows does not seem to be a problem for Russell A. Solomon

He watches all those shows with glee and even looks forward to each drama, comedy or tragedy that happens.  I agree with him that most likely writers or story editors tweak the writing to create more drama and controversy.  I think that is why I can only watch Survivor and the Amazing Race. They are physically competing for the wins. These shows are exciting and in the beginning I even tried out for Survivor and did not make it. Russell A. Solomon .I too wonder what I would do in those situations. Now when I watch those two shows some of the contests look so hard that I know my torch would soon be put out!

It is easy for me to get caught up in those shows and take sides and cheer for people.  That is what reality TV is all about.   If there is "fanciful writing" going on in those two shows, I guess I do not want to know. Russell A. Solomon says that most people do not want to know about it either.  We all want to get caught up in the drama.  Some more than others.  The thing that makes reality TV so appealing is that it is just average normal people in these shows.  They seem more real to the average person than an established movie star in the same role.

The list of reality shows is along one. Subjects are never ending.  Think of Pit Boss, Big World, The Biggest Loser, Hoarders and so many, many more. Seems that every season there is a new reality show on the air and on just about every channel.  You would think that the market is saturated.  According to Russell A. Solomon, is is not.  In fact the market for reality television is just getting started.  Hard to believe, but their popularity seems endless!


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