August 07, 2012

Social Gaming Companies

I have never been a true card player. I guess I never really advanced from the games I played in childhood.  I am very familiar with War, Old Maid, Horse and Gin Rummy.  As for anything else, well I guess I would get an epic fail.  Throughout my adult life I have been invited a time or two to card parties and I would go, but just for the fellowship.  Never for the game of cards. Pokeno, I have played a time or two.  I sat in on a few poker games with friends, but I never could get the hang of that.  But that is okay.  Just because I never mastered the fine art of playing cards, does not mean I cannot appreciate that others love to play.  I have seen the late night poker games on tv and have watched a few.  I know that there are poker games online as well.

With the online gaming, like texas holdem poker, I often wondered now it was to play without being able to see you opponent as I thought it was all about the poker face.  Now true poker lovers need have not worries about that.  Face Up Entertainment Group has resolved that issue by coming up with an interface that combines online poker with a social network so that players can have the experience of playing face to face with their opponents.  You are actually more that just a cute avatar. You can have the experience of almost sitting across the table and making that social connection with another person.

Gaming companies are now using video and chat to make games much more easier to use while adding a social aspect.  Soon they will be able to bring gamers from all over the world together for gaming pleasure.  The good thing is that it is all legal.   Texas Holdem Poker is one of the most popular games around.  For the non player like me, check out the site as the game is explained so that even the most card challenged like me can pick it up. Of course with anything practice makes perfect so, with enough practice you will be able to bluff with the best of them.

In any online poker tournament the game is played until someone wins all the chips.  Using the site is an easy way to get involved in a tournament.  All  you need to do is agree to the poker etiquette.  Game play is outlined on the site and any disputes will be decided by management. There is a free version and a paid membership version of the game.  You have the potential to win cash prizes, trips, cruises and many more fabulous prizes.  Check out the site as it is a must for serious poker players wishing to get a little more out of the game.  Combining the game and the social aspects of the game is a win win for everyone! 


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