July 25, 2015

They ARE Already Here

I never get tired of watching War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise.  Why? I never get tired of it because the aliens are already here.  In that movie everyone is just going about their daily lives, jobs and whatever and the aliens just finally reveal themselves.  It is going to be just like that.  We will all be rolling along and BOOM!  The world as we know it will change.  I just hope I am close enough to my family to be able to be with them.  You may think I am crazy but I am not.  There is an AREA 51 and the government does have alien bodies and encountered them long ago. 

I was talking with a coworker who is into scifi like I am and she too believes aliens have been here for  very long time.  She thinks that the fact that there are lots of alien movies has really been a part of a government program to desensitize us to the "thought" of aliens...that they can be real.  Via the power of Hollywood movies and TV series, we have all been exposed to the thought of aliens here on earth among us.  Unfortunately it is not a good encounter.  There is death and  mass destruction.  I do think that will occur as well.

This past week Stephen Hawking offer $100 million dollars to someone who can discover alien life.  Why, I am not sure.  They are already here, have been here for a long time. They just need to reveal.  I personally do not want a reveal. It will not be good.  Compared to alien life forms we are like ants.  We are not advanced in the way they are....so we are at the bottom of the totem pole of life in this vast universe. With all that space out there, there is no way we can be the only humans out there or life out there for that matter. 

Many years ago I came to this belief because I saw a ship. An alien ship and I think it saw me. Trust me when I say I never want to see that again.  It was terrifying and still very unsettling today.  We do not need to go looking for aliens.  They are already here and some are even living among us.


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