July 06, 2004

The Amazing Race At A Glance: The Yield

Snapshots In My Time, Of My Time.....Hauntings.

There is a new twist to the Amazing Race this season called the "yield". This "yield" allows other team to slow other teams down resulting in all sort of tirckery and ill will. Should be good!

According to the host Phil Keoghan:
In addition to that new wrinkle, "Race 5" offers new challenges to its teams in terms of the sheer distances they are forced to travel. "This season was one of the toughest yet," Keoghan says. "We traveled more miles than ever before, about 75,000. Most previous seasons have been around 50,000. To put that into perspective, to go around the equator once is 23,000 miles, so we did the equivalent of looping the world three times, although we were zig-zagging, of course.
Full Story HERE!

This season cast of characters should yield some explosive results and drama as well. Phil Keoghan also says that:
"They're edgy, engaging characters, contrasting teams that rub one another the wrong way from time to time. We don't look to create a 'perfect holiday' atmosphere, and the players that come into the game now are just much more charged-up and competitive from watching previous seasons."

I am sure with skanky Allison there will be drama! Can't wait until tonight!
Everyone got their compasses? Get ready! Get set! GO!


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