October 27, 2004

Blog Explosion

Snapshots In My Time, Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Today, 2004

I joined blog explosion to hopefully build some traffic to my site. What is it?

You spend all night setting up your very own blog, but in short time you
realize nobody is coming to read it. You jealously watch the biggest blogs out
there getting tons of attention but how can your blog get noticed too?That's
where BlogExplosion comes in to send people to your blog. Imagine getting
hundreds or even thousands of other bloggers coming to read your blog every
month! Sounds great!

How does it work?The concept is very simple. You read other blog sites and
they in return visit your blog. Blogexplosion is the internet's first blog
exchange where thousands of bloggers visit each other's blogs in order to
receive tons of blog traffic. Imagine how many other people out there could be
adding your blog to their blogroller and how many people would be reading your
blog every day with this sort of attention. It's free to use!


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