October 27, 2004

Halloween Past

Snapshots In My Time, Of My Time.....Hauntings.

1972 6th Grade

I remember this halloween the most of all my childhood halloweens. Not because we did anything exciting but it just stands in out in my mind as the year we could not go trick or treating. It was never the same after that...trick or treating.... it was no longer as safe as it used to me.

That was the year we heard for the very first time of people putting razor blades in apples for halloween. There was also threats of people doing things to candy as well. My mother decided that after hearing all of that, that we needed to stay home. I was most disappointed. I wanted to go to the neighbors. We were banned from going out that year. Instead, my mother decided we would all dress up at home and have a party at home. Noone was invited from the outside. It was just my parents and my brother and I. We had no costumes so we dressed up in sheets and towels and scarfs as native tribesman or the greeks in togas and we danced around and we did have fun. We played pin the nose on the pumpin and had cupcakes and punch.

It was kind of lame but it was something to do. We had candy at home and we gave out candy when our neighbors came over. My father taped us dancing arounding in our costumes and years later we would pull it out and watch. About 3 years after that halloween, someone broke into our house and stole the projector and the film that was on it. It was our halloween footage. Priceless now but gone forever. I still have that projector image in my head and luckily I can still roll the tape when ever I want.

My brother was too small to remember and does not recall it now. Sad for him. We looked really goofy and my mother was just plain embarrasing.....dancing around in a toga. But times were different then.

The rest of the halloweens. I do not recall with any great outstanding events. We would go to school halloween parties, or the church halloween parties. We gave out candy and would go trick or treating with our parents..namely our father. My mother would always make him take us.

Halloween is here now. Time for hoakie costumes and candy and things that go bump in the night!



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