March 20, 2005

Dan Goad: Where is he now?

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When I first moved away from home after college art was my big thing. I would spend hours and hours going to art galleries and then going to art stores trying to find real and interesting art for my walls. I found lots of art and bought lots of art as well. And of course I still have it. Some of my wall art is now over 20 years old. Is it getting more valuable? Less? I do not know.

All I do know is that now I am ready for some new art. I used to be into the whole oreintal motiff and use dot have lots of oriental art. When I was in that phase, I got some nature art as well that would blend. Thus the name of my post Dan Goad. Dan Goad had/had great artwork and I fell in love with his work. I bought 2 signed and numbered pieces of his about 20 years ago. Are they now priceless works of art? Is he still living? I looked on the web to see if I could see about any new work of his and did not find much. I could barely find anything on the man himself. I found the following but how old is it? Is he still in north Carolina?

Dan Goad:
Dan Goad is best known for his watercolors of wading birds found along the coast of the Carolinas. Since he is currently spending part of the year in the mountains of North Carolina a few other creatures, like this bear, is creeping into his repertoire.
If anyone has an updated information on Dan Goad, please let me know. The following picture is of the two pieces of his that I bought 20 years ago that are signed and numered. They are in mint condition and have been my living room pictures all this time. I just love them.
I tried to get a good picture but the flash on glass does no do too well at times.

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The print on the left is called 3 baby egrets. Signed and is 105 of 750.
The print on the right is called Snowy Egret and is 579 of 750. It is also signed by Dan Goad himself. They are triple matted and are from the Design Factory in California. I cannot recall at all what I paid for them. I just remember that they were several hundred dollars apiece at the time. They are pretty big pictures.

I also have some photograph prints that are also signed and dated by Douglas Busch.
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I have a print that is signed and dated from 1983. It is not in his current collection at all. It is a Blakc and white picture of a very old, dilapidated house that is falling apart. A shack really. It is beautiful if a house like that could be. I guess that is why it is an object de'art! What was my motivation for buying that? Well I had just gotten my very first BIG job that paid over 30k back in 1987. I got it because it was a reminder that if not for my hard work, parents and education, I could be living in a shack like that one. That is still why I have the picture today. It is no longer in the living room but in the upstairs hallway with my other black and white prints....Ansel Adams. It is a picture that always gets lots of comments from people who see it.

I did get into abstract art for a quick minute and bought a beautiful 3 part work of art. The name and the artist I cannot recall. I no longer have the print. It got damaged in a move and I did not replace it. It was all swilrs and primary colors. All 3 together made the entire picture complete.

I also have a beautiful picture of an orchid called Brazilian Blue. It is also a signed and numbered original. 148 out of 300. The artist name is scribbled and I cannot make it out. Just the first part Lee and the rest is gibberish. So I am not sure who that is at all.

I am ready for some new art. I guess I will have to hop on down to the art stores and see what I can turn up.


  1. I bought a beautiful Dan Goad watercolor for my husband as a wedding gift 3 years ago. At that time, he had an art gallery in St. Simons Island, GA. Since then, that gallery has closed and I don't know where he is now.

  2. Dan Goad is summering in Maggie Valley, N.C. and now painting Black Bears,Birds, Fish, etc.. His work is more beautiful than ever, and was recently displayed for sale at ART ON
    MAIN in Hendersonville, NC. He is approx. 60 yrs. old, and looks great.

  3. Thank you Jacqueline for your comment! i am so glad to hear that!

  4. Dan is alive and well - I spotted him in Cashiers NC last week ago at the Spring Arts and Crafts Festivle. He locates himself next to the Rotary Club cooking area so he can filtch free hamburgers for his dog. He is here twice a year, for our Spring and Fall artist events. I have bought 4 of his works, all originals. He is still grumpy, chain smokes, and dresses like he is in Bali. Other than that, we all look forward to his appearing at our events.

  5. I also have several of Dans pieces. Knew him from Sanibel Island, he stayed at a small cottage resort I managed. He'd barter with me for rooms. He was married to Jill then. Long time ago. When is the Spring festival in Cashiers? would love to look him up again.

  6. Dan Goad was at the Sanibel art fair this past year 2014 in Sanibel. I asked if he would be there next year and his response "God willing." He has some pieces I have not seen online and I will likely return to the art/craft fair in Sanibel this year to hopefully purchase. I think the fair was sponsored by Shriner's, or they had a raffle. It was a large fair and worth the visit. I told him I looked for him online and found little. Maybe he will change that since there must be others.

  7. I just realized it was this year and the spring fair. So, I'll try for 2016. I believe he still lives on a small island in Georgia-not sure.