March 20, 2005

My Current Mood Music

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

I was in Barnes and Noble 2 days ago and heard the most wonderful jazz playing. I immediately went to the music department and asked what was playing. It was the new CD Closer by David Sanborn.
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I bought it on the spot. It is a wonderful CD. The 2nd song is my favorite: Senor Blues.

My parents bought the movie Ray and have seen it 3 times. Excellent. I did have the chance to see Ray Charles live about 2 years ago. Thank goodness I was able to see him before he passed away. That concert was great. I loved all the music in the movie so I did buy that cd as well.

I have just recently gotten into Lenny Kravitz in the past 2 years. I just hate the he and Nicole did not make it.
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Jill Scott, well I was first introduced to her by one of my co-workers. I have really loved her music ever since.

All music I am listening to now is available just buy clicking the boxes below. Go on, make a purchase. Get some new music!


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