March 04, 2005

Glue is a Part of Science Class!

Snapshots In My Time, Of My Time.....Hauntings.
7th grade

We had a very obnoxious science teacher. I cannot rememeber his name and that might be purposely done. I can only vaguely remembered how he looked. I remember a big brownish mustache and that he always wore some sort of plaid jacket and dark pants. Can we say Geek?

I remember he was a very animated man and that when ever he began to speak he loved to wave his arms and pace the room from one end to the other. There was nomally a time after lecturing that he would sit at his desk and we would have to read or do worksheets. This was the time I was dared to do something.

One of my friends dared me to do something crazy! I did not want to get into trouble and I did want to do the dare. Peer Pressure can make you do crazy things!

The dare was to glue the teacher to the chair. How could I do that withou being detected?? I pondered every scenario for 4 days. Then I decided I was ready. One day I got some glue. It was not the white elmers school glue. I do not know what I had. It was not super glue. It wa some sort of fast drying clear glue. He always got to classs right at the bell..not before or a few minuted before. Right at the bell.

So since there was not another class before ours, I slipped in early and coated his chair in glue. I spread it out so that it was a nice thin layer. I slipped out undetected. Class began and he paved and wages his arms. I could hear nothing except the beat of my heartbeat, pounding in my chest.

Midway thru the class he finally sat down. I imagined glue leaking thru his pants and being discovered. I was barely able to look down at the work sheet we had to do. He never moved until the bell rang. That bell rang and I was out of there like a flash! He tried to stand up and he was stuck to the seat. I kept going and did not look back.

I was never found out. The next day in class the hunt began for who ever did this. He had questioned every class before ours. He asekd if anyone knew who had put the glue in his clair.


He asked again.

More silence. He never got an answer, so every class had detention that week. We all had to stay after school for an hour and run the bleachers. Up those steps, over and then down , over and up again. I ran my laps and was happy to run them. Laps were better than being expelled!
I ran those laps with the energy of 10 kids. I considered myself one lucky child. It could have been much worst!


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