March 05, 2005

Moments of Embarrassment

Snapshots In My Time, Of My Time.....Hauntings.
9th Grade--summer

What is your most embarrassing moment? Please post it in the comments. Here is mine.

The summer I was in 9th grade and moving onto the 10th grade, I had a cousin that was getting married. I was attending a private catholic school at the time and I had gone to the prom my freshman year with a senior. That was a big thing as I had to get permission from the head nun to go. Technically freshman were not allowed to go to any proms at all. Somehow I got to go. My mother had bought me a beautiful folral victorian and lace evenign gown. It fit so well it looked like I had been poured in it. I was the belle of the ball in that dress.

Anyhoooo, the wedding came and I decided I would wear that dress to the wedding and reception. It was formal so it was in line. I made it through the wedding just fine. We went to the reception. We had been at the rception about an hour when tragedy struck. I had been dancing with some other cousins and having a great time. I had just stopped dancing and had stopped to rest. I was standing in front of a floor fan...a tall one.

I felt what felt like someone gently had their hands around my waste and was moving me back and forth to the dancing. That was odd as I did not think anyone could fit between me and the fan. I was not that close to the fan. I was standing there so that the fan could blow on me to cool me down from dancing. Well, the tugging at my sides persisted and somehow gre to a jerking on each side.

Harder and harder, the jerking continued. I whipped my head around and saw that the ends of my bow ties had been eaten by the fan. My vitorian lace dress was beind devoured by the fan. I could not get loose. I could not get the fan turned off. The jerking continued. The jerking continued until my too long sashes that made the wonderful victorian bow were jerked right out of the dress.

The side of my dress were split open. Not all the way down. Just the slots big enough were the sashes were attached. I ran to my mother mortified and asked them to take me home. I needed to change. We had drven an hour to get to the wedding so there was not any going home. I was absolutely mortified. For the remaining of the reception I stood stock still arms down next to my side refusing to dance, eat or do anythign that would expose my ripped dress. It was summer so there was nothing anyone had to cover up with like a sweater or shawl.

The fan eventually stopped turning running all together. It was clogged with large bunches of lace and ribbon. My uncle unplugged the fan and untangled the sash. It was covered with black oil from the fan motor so there was no saving the belt. That was the worst public embarrassment I ever had. It seems like it just happened yesterday it is so vivid in my mind.

The dress was repairable. The side seams were just split so 2 minutes on the sewing machine fixed it right up. I was able to wear the dress again on many occassions. I did not ever wear it agian to any weddings.

So...what is your embarrassing moment?


  1. When I was in fourth grade, the teacher called on me and I didn't hear her because I was busy reading a book. When the teacher finally got my attention, the whole class was staring at me. I am very fair-skinned and so I began to blush. Then all the kids started yelling out, "Look at her, she's turning red!!" The memory of all those faces looking at me and saying that I was turning red was the most embarrassed that I have ever felt, although worse things than that have happened in the many years since that incident.

  2. Yes MB I know. Far worst things have happened to me too but I remember that like it was yesterday.