March 23, 2005

Russian Exorcism: Really Wierd Stuff!

A sixteen-year-old girl sits in a chair in a Russian Orthodox Church. Her mother is holding her down. Light filters in from high windows and the air is  thick with tension and the smell of holy incense. A priest stands over her reading the rite of exorcism. The girl squirms in her mother’s arms, groaning and growling as if the priest’s words were a torment to her mind and soul. The girl struggles violently, her groans becoming inhuman howls and deep, guttural moans of psychological pain. Then she lashes out at the priest, and in a voice that seems not to be her own, spits words of defiance.

This is not a scene from a Hollywood production. This is a partial description of an actual exorcism that took place in a Russian parish on May 1, 2004.

Listen to exorcism here:  !@~#$!


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