March 23, 2005

Love's Little Treasures

I was looking thru my closet last weekend trying to see what I had to wear and I came across an old leather jacket form an old boyfriend.  It was a treasure from a past love.  That got me thinking. What other things did I still have from past loves?  The leather jacket is still good.  I just have not worn it in a while.  It cost about $350 at the time...about 20 years ago.  The style was punk bomber  so it would still look good today Now that spring is just about sprung, I guess it will sit for another few months till winter comes again.  I plan to wear it this years.

I also found a suit from one of my ex husbands.  It is also a classic cut but I have not had that on in 11 years.  It might go to good will.  We shall see.  After really thinking,  I discovered I had quite a few things from old flames.   I found a pearl and diamond ring, a gold leaf on a gold chain.  The leaf is a real leaf that had been dipped in gold.  I also found a piece of hand made batik cloth from the Bahamas, a coffee table book that is even signed and dated, a rice bowl from Suriname, a hand made wicker fan also from Suriname, and a had made ceramic bowl. 

The list does not end there.  I also found 4 oriental alabaster pieces of art.  A Buddha, a pair of oriental dogs, a jade bird and vine figurine and more jewelry.  Some of these things I see everyday as they are decorations in my home, but where they came from is far form my mind.  I bet if I looked some more, I bet I could find even more stuff.     I know that some people get rid of everything that ex flame may have given you , but if it is nice stuff and stuff I really wanted   I did not get rid of it.   

Some of those things I really was due…as bad as the guy may have turned out to be.  At least I got something good out of it.  Some things I just can’t part with as that flame has departed for parts unknown or left our world for heaven all together.  They are good mementoes,   especially of those I felt got away. 

Makes me think.  Someday when I am gone or even now with me still  alive and kicking, are their people out there who are keeping some little part of me as a treasure?  Do they have something I gave them?  I would hope so because I tend to be good to people. I give good  gifts and want good gifts.

What do you have around the house that is a treasure from long ago? Look around and then let me know!