April 15, 2005

Artist invents pierced glasses

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I was reading some e news when I came across the following:

Why aren't glasses, glasses?

A Dallas artist has had permanent glasses pierced through the bridge of his nose.

James Sooy, 22, came up with the idea because his specs were constantly slipping down his nose.

He and a friend designed the piercing, which features magnets so Sooy can take the lenses off to bathe and sleep.

He wants to offer a model for sale by June and patent the pierced glasses.

Elayne Angel, medical co-ordinator for the Association of Professional Piercers, said the idea was eye-catching but impractical.

"I imagine putting those on and taking those off is going to be difficult, especially to try to put it on yourself," she said.


Since when are piercings glasses? I remember the days when glasses were really glasses. Shapes like the kitty cat glasses and coke bottle glasses are what I recall.

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Those are familiar shapes for glasses and they fit the normal way. Glasses that are piercings! Now I have just about seen it all. I do not think they are for me! They look painful. I remember getting my ears pierced was enough pain!

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The artist, James Sooy has a website here.


  1. Wow, that is really really cool. It's right in front of your nose, but nobody will notice it...

  2. seniorgato...you are most likely right. i bet people would not notice that or they might notice "something" but not know what. I think it is really unbelievable and amazing !

  3. Can't wait for the pierced hearing aids.

  4. My wife's frames from Sears just broke a month after the warranty was up. The don't have the frames anymore. I wounder if we can mount the lenses from her glasses on the hardware shown above. Most of her frames fail at the part that goes around the ears. This may not just be art, it may practical.

  5. Whoa, whats so good about it ?

    I see its painful, uncomfortable and messy and moreover averse to infection cause of peircing.

    Where's the gain ?

  6. how much pain do you think you will be in when your kid hits that lens with his head on accident. I hope it has some give to that stud so it is not going to rip your nose apart. Also a rainy day would really suck to have to keep taking them apart to clean them