June 04, 2005

Laila's Journey Through Life: A Review

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As part of a blogshare contest in the hopes of securing a free premium upgrade, my mission was to review Laila's blog and blog about it. You know when you just begin to read about a blog you have never really visited before, it is hard to just jump in and think you know what is going on. You really have to browse thru the archives to get a good feel or get some incite into the person who owns the blog.

So who is Laila? Laila is a single mother of three grown children. She has 2 boys and a girl. She lives in the phillipines. She had a "life extending event" in 2000 where she almost died twice. She can give you ALL the details on this page, but in a nutshell, her marriage to a wonderful man of 10 years came to an end and she became depressed, addicted to pills and hit rock bottom. Laila asked for a miracle from God and she got it. In her darkest hour she got herself together, got off the pills, got back with her husband and then realized she needed a life without him. (Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.) She began a new life as a single parent.

I really can relate to her story as I have been thru many a challenge myself having survived abusive parents. When I look back I do not know how I made it. Like Laila, it was not my time to go either.

Laila's blog outlines her travels, her journey with her family, both the ups and the downs. She also outlines some of her personal stugggles as well. I saw where there was a time when she was trying to get a job, but could not find one. She also indicates that she has been struggling with weight as well. Laila does also blog about world events and events that are happening in her country. Her lastest family concern is with her daughter deciding to enter the work world and not to continue with her studies. Through it all I see her mention her faith and belief in God. From what I can tell, her faith and belief helps her every day and in every way.

Laila's blog is quite delicate in design. The color, the florals and the butterflies seem to fit the journey she has given herself to find the " missing pieces that will soon complete her existence." It is an interesting blog.

Now as for blogshares, Laila is a premuim player with elite status I do believe...one of those players who know the game inside and out. Her status in the game says it all. She is the richest player in the game. She soon will be a Quadrillionaire! These are her current stats. Now they are subject to change just seconds from now as she could be buying and selling and raiding blogs even as we speak, changing her net worth. Here is where Laila is as of my post at 7:41pm my time.
  • rank: number 1 player-richest
  • cash balance: B$58,008,287,746,773.28
  • total portfolio: B$651,532,325.47 in 892 blogs
  • ideas: B$932,224,210,691,507.25 (56763280 in 1951 industries)
  • total net worth: B$990,233,149,970,606.00

I have just discovered how to raid a blog. In the last 2 weeks, I just read what it meant and how to do it. I just wish I had read that help page about 6 months ago. I would be richer without those transaction fees. I will soon try to do a hostile take over and see what the hype and the use of double artifacts are all about. I am fairly still a newby...trying to see what all those things on blogshares are and how they work. I have not had a lot of time in the past do much else except buy stock. My biggest thing to date has just been buying shares in blogs. So, I am aspiring to be like Laila. I just want to learn to wheel and deal those artifacts, ideas and bonds like a pro.

In light of that, I am submitting this entry in hopes of winning a premium membership upgrade. I will be able to do more and hopefully increase my skill in the game.

Happy Early Birthday Laila!


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