October 21, 2005

Hate is Alive and Well

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The new Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, described today how he has received racist letters, some smeared with excrement, since his election as the Church of England's new number two earlier this year.

Dr Sentamu, the Church's first black Archbishop who will be installed at York Minster next month, said that he did not believe Britain was a racist country and said he did not know whether the letter writers were fellow Anglicans or not because the abusive missives were anonymous.

He told BBC Radio 4 that his response was to pray for God's love and mercy for the letter writers.

The Archbishop, who in common with several other recently installed bishops is deliberately opting for a more informal "inauguration" rather than enthronement at the Minster, said: "It has been terrible. Some of it has been awful."

Asked if he felt angry about the hate letters, he said: "Yes, particularly when they had human excrement in them. I don’t want to have those sorts of things and I say ‘Why do people do this?’

"I don’t know who they are. They don’t tell you. They simply say ‘I am Mr White X’ and ‘Nigger go back - this is what you’re like and where you come from’."

He added: "In the end, when I get these letters, I actually pray for the people who have written them." The Uganda-born Archbishop said he had received many letters of support from people in York, urging him not to be disheartened by the abuse.

More here: Times on Line


  1. Welcome back. It was noticed that you were not here.

    It's a sad statement that people who consider themselves people of God can behave so despicably and with such cowardice. Do they not realize that God always signs his work?

    So many ways we make each other afraid.

  2. thank you me strauss--i was swamped with work, a 2 hour presentation with slide show, video, handouts and interactive excersizes that i have been working on every evening. i finally gave that presentation last wednesday so that big, big monkey if off my back. more free time to blog! :)
    you are right about the cowardice. it takes a strong person to make a personal choice to see all as individuals without prejudice.