October 12, 2005

Horror for These Times

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Right now when the weather is cool and rainy , nothing is more relaxing than a good book. I especially love horror and sci-fi. Right now I am reading Great Irish Tales of Horror by Peter Haining. This book is not a "shriek and things that go bump in the night" kind of horror book. It is more like gothic horror. The horror is understated and you really have to think about it.

I have three favorites that stand out in my mind from the book. The Child Who Loved a Grave, by Fritz James O' Brien is the first. This story is about a boy who is a loner who has made the love of life a grave. He tends to the grave and when someone comes to dig up the grave and rebury the bones that are there, he dies the next day. Very creepy!

The 2nd great tale from this book is The Unburied Legs! Doesn't that title say it all? It is by Gerald Griffin. Imagine 2 well shaped legs cut off just above the knee wearing leather buckled shoes, dancing, climbing and scampering among the moors.

Arachnophobia is another tale that sticks in my mind. It is by Catherine Brophy. Can we say mother issues? Those issues finally ended with the daughter killing her "spider" mother in the shower by drowning. She deemed herself cured of atachnophobia after that!

Normally I am into Stephen King. I have just about all his books in hardback. Be sure to check out Great Irish Tales of Horror. It is a good book. It is a "thinking" horror book.


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