December 18, 2005

Just a Few Things...

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Time to start thinking about what I want for christmas. Sounds like I am late right? Christmas is next week. Well, I really do not want alot. Just a few good books and some music and a laptop and a new cell phone. That is about all. Oh--and a new mayor for New Orleans. This year I have waited so late I know that I will be shopping on Christmas eve. Boy I hate that. Normally I get it all done by December 15th. That is normally my goal. This year it is all determied by how the paycheck falls. My next one is next week, so late shopping it is. I just hate to get out in that throbbing throng of people in the malls. I hate that Christmas rush. The crazies are out. All sorts of odd people you never see until Christmas. You wonder what rocks they were all living under.

These are the books I want. I just heard that the Postsecret book is out. I love going to that site and seeing the secrets of others there. Some are just plain scary. I also want Freakonomics. I hear that Diane Sawyer gives it to everyone she knows. It has been featured on GMA once. It does sound interesting.

As far as music I want some Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Love them! I have been listening to my friends cd. I have to get my own now. Wizard in Winter is now my favorite theme song!

The other cd I want is Nancy Wilson Christmas. It is all jazz and fabulous. She has a version of Carol of the Bells on it that is out of this world! Man, that is a good cd.

Now as for the new mayor for New Orleans. That will be a tall order for santa to fill. After the news I saw on yesterday where he wants to hold the Mardi Gras in 2006, I was flabbergasted to say the least. What the hell is he thinking?! Nothing! Obviously nothing. His thoughts:

City officials announced last month that New Orleans would hold an abbreviated Mardi Gras celebration. Civic boosters say the festivities can help revitalize New Orleans' economy, lift morale and show the world that the city is on its way back.

In addition to scaling the two-week Carnival season to eight days, the cash-strapped city is seeking corporate sponsors for the first time.

Ray Nagin has some residents seeing red and I would too. If people are still displaced, living in hotels and Fema trailer parks, Mardi Gras will not help get them homes or places to live. I am in agreement with the residents. Having to deal with some Katrina evacuees via my job, Mr. Nagins' prioirities are very misplaced. Help the people first, then help the tourists party. Have the party AFTER the people have been helped. He has the cart before the horse. In the words of some of the members of my bible study class this morning, he is an idiot and is of no account!

Some storm refugees and black organizations say the party preparations are insensitive to the plight of so many displaced New Orleanians.

Protest held Monday

''I just think it sends the wrong message to have a celebration when people are not back in their houses,'' said Ernest Johnson, the Louisiana president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

At a protest Monday of a few Katrina evacuees in Atlanta, where the New Orleans Saints were playing, ChiQuita Simms said reconstruction should take precedence over partying.

''I'm not against Mardi Gras,'' said Simms, who has been living in an Atlanta hotel with her 14-year-old son. ''I'm against their priorities.'' She added: ''What you can do is guarantee me in two months you're going have a Mardi Gras, but you can't guarantee life will be back on?''

Come on Ray! You can do better than that! He is an embarrassment.


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