December 08, 2005

Ultra Man

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Thinking of Don Ho made me think of Ultra Man. I grew up with him too. Everyday after school UltraMan was on. I lived for that show. I remember being devastated when the show ended and he died. Teh show that stands out in my mind the most was the show where kids were drawing with chalk in the school yard...animals on the sidewalk. When the school day was over, all the kids went home and due to radiation from the sun they all came to life. Ultra man has to fight them all. The saddest one was the very last monster. He was nice and he had a squeak to him. He did not die. He just walked away into the sunset full of radiation and disappeared, squeaking as he went.

UltraMan had several weaknesses. When his energy was low after a fight, the light on his chest would begin to blink . He would have to go to the sun to recharge.

About Ultra Man

Ultraman is the generic name for a series of Japanese live-action television shows produced between 1966 and 1998. Each series focused on at least one extraterrestrial "Ultra-hero" who arrives on Earth to fight various large monsters. Conveniently, each Ultra-hero can grow to over 200 feet tall. Each Ultra-hero had various energy emission powers, plus were experts in some form of hand-to-hand martial arts-style fighting. Virtually all of them also had one weakness: their energy would run out after a short time fighting. (Strangely enough, when this happened, they tended to "get serious" and use their most energy-draining attack on the monster(s).) When they weren't fighting monsters, they typically assumed the form of a human; each one either created their own human form, or merged with one (or, in one case, two) humans.

The Ultraman series are produced by Tsuburaya Productions. Tsuburaya Productions was started by Eiji Tsuburaya, the special effects master behind the early Godzilla films. His sons have carried on the tradition to this day.

The Ultraman concept began with a series concept called "Woo." The series featured a hero code-named Redman. This series concept was shelved when another series, Unbalance, was accepted. This series eventually became Ultra Q. The Woo/Redman concept, however, continued to be refined into the first Ultraman.


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