February 06, 2006

Grandpa Munster Dies

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Al Lewis, the cigar-chomping patriarch of "The Munsters" whose work as a basketball scout, restaurateur and political candidate never eclipsed his role as Grandpa from the television sitcom, died after years of failing health. He was 95.

Lewis, with his wife at his bedside, passed away Friday night, said Bernard White, program director at WBAI-FM, where the actor hosted a weekly radio program. White made the announcement on the air during the Saturday slot where Lewis usually appeared.

"To say that we will miss his generous, cantankerous, engaging spirit is a profound understatement," White said.

Wow, I was sad to see this. He is an icon that I grew up with. I remember coming home every day from school and watching tv before homework and dinner. I would watch The Munsters daily, as well as other golden oldies like the Green Hornet, Bat Man, Ultra Man, The Addams Family and Leave It To Beaver. He will not be forgotten in my book.

When you are a little child, the people on tv seem like they will live forever, almost in some ohter tv universe that we are not a part of. And you believe that for a very long time. Only as an adult do you realize the mortality of it all and that things happen. Al Lewis provided me with priceless hours of fun and laughter in a time that was much simpler.


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