February 05, 2006


Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Last week I decided to buy a rattan chest for my bedroom to replace an old shelving unit that the television was sitting on. I went to one of my favorite outlet stores (about 20 miles away) and found one exactly shaped like this one except is has some rattan on it. Mine is just a chest without the drawers. The top opens up for storage. I never looked in it while at the store. I assumed it was empty. It is lovely. It cost about $125. It was fairly light to pick up so after a 40 minute decicion making session in the store I decided upon this one and placed it in my buggy. It was big and just a corner of it was actually in the buggy. Mostly it was sitting on top perched at an angle.

I got to the check out and the girl at the register just scanned the tag. She never opened the lid either. I got my receipt and was on my way home. Well, it has been in the garage since the day I bought it. I just unloaded it and left it, leaving it for today, superbowl sunday. I planned to do what every self respecting woman does on superbowl sunday..rearrange the furniture. There is nothing better to do than that if you are not a sports fan.

I went to the garage and cut off the price tag and opened the lid and inside was a smaller, duplicate of my chest, nestled in there with a price tag of $79.00. Obviously the store staff did not realize that there were chests inside chests individually priced. I, at first, thought it was supposed to be like that, 2 for that price, until I examined the tag. The tag has a different sku number and price.

Well, now the dilema. What to do. The store is 20 miles away, it has been a week and am I really supposed to return the $79 chest now or just keep it? I have polled family and friends and they all say keep it. They say you did not steal it, so it is yours. It is the stores fault for not looking in the chest at check out time to see if it were empty. They say the store should check items like that anyway to see if really dishonest people are stealing things by concealing them in other items. The store has to be responsible for keeping up with it's inventory.

So here I am with another chest, a freebie which will be put to good use. What do you think? Should I have returned it? I already have it in place in its new home in my home and it looks good! Would you have returned it?


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