March 07, 2006

Impatience or Road Rage

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

On yesterday I was leaving my neighborhood and got to the corner where there was a light to get onto the main road. I was making a right turn. I stopped at the light as it was red. A large red SUV pulled up behind me very close and stopped. Traffic was coming from the left. There was a small break in traffic from teh left, but it was not large enough for me to make it into the right lane, accelerate and begin safe travel. I would have been hit by that oncoming car. I did not pull out. The driver of the SUV blew his horn angrily. Why? Impatience. Ignorance. Road rage?! As big as that SUV was there was no way he could make it. It must have been an Escalade by Cadillac or a large Suburban by Chevrolet. I have a small car (Hyundai) and I could not make it.

I did not look in my rearview mirrow. I looked to the left and waited for the other cars to pass me. I was waiting for the next break in the traffic. I was coming and there was not another close by. Well, the SUV driver started to pull right next to me on my left, like he was going to pull out in front of me and go right. What the hell was he thinking? When it was my turn to go I pulled out. The SUV began to move and then stopped. I just knew I would be driving an SUV in the very near future! I just saw alot of green in my future coming straight from his insurance company. Luckily he stopped as there would be a 3 car wreck right there. Who needs that at 7:45am in the morning?

After we both turned right, we both made a left at the very next corner. He was on my tail the whole time. I continued to drive my normal pace. If he hit me, I would not be at fault. Finally I made another right and he zoomed on down the street. Seeing how he was acting made me think that I needed to get some road rage cards. I saw a blurb on tv about these cards about a month ago. Neat! They are even written backwards so the other driver can read them.

Take the Road Rage test. I did I am not even close to being in a rage at any time. There are crazy people out there on the roadways.


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