March 07, 2006

Prosthetic Legs Returned

A very odd and disturbing story!

ARCADIA, California (AP) -- A 16-year-old girl's prosthetic legs, which were stolen twice since November, have been quietly returned, police said.

Melissa Huff's mother found the legs in her unlocked car, which she had parked at Arcadia High School on Wednesday afternoon.
"Nobody was seen in or around the car," Arcadia police Lt. Ken Harper said. "There were no witnesses. We lifted some fingerprints and will see if there is any match."
Huff's right leg was amputated below the knee after she was struck by a car two years ago.
The first theft happened November 1, when someone cut a hole in a window screen in Huff's home and stole a $12,000 cosmetic leg.
Her doctor and two companies donated money for a new, $16,000 sports leg, which she uses to play softball on the Arcadia High team.
The stolen leg was tossed into the family's back yard in January.
But on Valentine's Day, somebody stole both legs after prying open a screen window. She had been unable to wear either prosthetic at the time because of a surgery. The legs were returned Wednesday, but had graffiti on them.
She was scheduled Friday to pick up another new leg, which the community rallied to buy for her.
Huff said she and her family believe the thief knows her.
"It doesn't bother me," she said. "I'm not scared of them."
Arcadia is about 24 miles (38 kilometers) east of Los Angeles.


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