April 19, 2006

Odd Man with Talon Hands

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

there is a man in the office, odd and weird. "office btk" is whispered as he walks down the aisle. fixations with pretty brown haired girls are freaking people out. let a brunette begin to talk and he turns around. noone is talking to him. he is not a part of the conversation. he just stares. stares. stares. and stares some more. "office btk" has the office freaked out. his appearance? quite nerdlike. not quite normal. he appears in actions to be overly normal as if making up for something not right. family? yes. but no kids. he helps with charities and organizations dealing with kids. every mom there makes sure that her child is in no way affliated with anything he is a part of. "office btk" has everyone freaked out. others say all he needs is the non descript van. he is the perfect portrait of a child molester. that is what the mothers in the office say. noone will be surprised for a breaking news flash with his picture or that of a missing child or a murder. it is expected. i avoid him at all costs. he freaks me out. today he asked to borrow my stapler. he was in the area of me. i did not look up, just gave it to him. his fingers grazed the top of my hand. talons grazed me. talons that left an impression and a feeling of filth and decay. i had to wash my hands 4 separate times. i am glad i am not one of the brown haired girls under the constant watch and stares of "office btk." kansas has its' btk. we have ours..."office btk."


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