April 23, 2006

Bad Dreams

Last night I had the wierdest dream. It seemed so real. I was having a bad night of indigestion from a chilli dog and I had taken a Pepcid AD to help before going to bed. Maybe it was the hotdog that caused all the dream strangeness. I am not sure. I only know that I thought I was awake and all that happening was real. It was all so strange. I went away this weekend and the I rented a room at a hotel. That is real and not part of the dream.

The dream begins with me in my hotel room, alseep in bed with the tv on. In reality that is what happened. I had been watching a movie on HBO and fell alseep. In the dream I am in bed sleeping and all of a sudden I wake up with a start. I hear a car drive up outside and I hear a cardoor slam. The sound of the car is very familiar. It sounds like the car of the guy I am seeing. What is he doing here. Out of town wth me? There is a knock at the door and I get up to open the door. It is him.

I open the door and he says that I need to take him to a convenience store. I am not sure what for. I have to drive him as he is tired. I do. It is about 3am in the morning. So I get behind the wheel and we drive to as convenience store. It happens to be in the worst part of town. There are homeless peoplel around and others who are just plain scary at 3am in the morning. I do not want to get out of the car, so he goes in. I am able to keep my eyes on him hoping that he will hurry. He does not hurry.

A homeless man approaches the car and knocks on the window asking for money. I motion for him to go away. He does not leave. He stays there knocking on the window. Right now I am the only car in the aisle in front of the store. I try to ignore him and them on the right passenger side, a woman who is a prostitute approaches the car dressed in just a baby tee and a thong. She knocks on the passenger side window. She tries to get into the car so I decided to drive up slightly. Maybe they will go away. I glance more at the store and I do not see my boyfriend anymore. Where the hell is he?

Another car pulls up behind me and I realize I have to get out of the way. He needs to get out of the lot. I park the car and immediately get out to find my boyfriend in the store. The first homeless man is now joined by two others and they come to me beggin for money. I yelled "no" and hurry on into the store. As I entered the store suddenly expands into a store that is as large as a department store. There are different areas for just chips, just sodas and just candy. Wierd. I wonder thru seeing unfamiliar faces and no boyfriend. I am then confronted by two girls who say that they are now wiht my boyfriend. I question them as to where he is and they do not say. I am suddenly back in the car with him and he is telling me he wants to be with those girls. I am upset.

Then I am back out of the car with him leaving with those 2 girls. I am yelling for him to come back. I do not know my way back to the hotel. I get out of the car as the three of them are heading away from me on foot. Suddenly I look around and a man who I do not know has stolen the car. I grab a bike that belongs to a homeless man and try to find them. After wondering around the streets on that bike for about 30 minutes I find the two girls but no boyfriend. They are yelling at me that he belongs to them now and not me. I throw the bike down and run after them.. They are running. I end up following them thru a brokendown fence in a cemetary. Still no boyfriend. I am bewildered, scared and afraid of the people of the night. I am a child of the day. I never find my boyfriend.

Suddenly I wake up from the dream and it is dark. The tv is still on. the time is 1:30 am. I get up, go to the bathroom and try fitfully to fall asleep again. It was a very long night.