October 30, 2006

Chocolate IS a Vegetable!

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Don’t tell me that chocolate is not a vegetable. Ask my coworkers! They declared it a vegetable last week at our office Halloween party. I tend to love just about all chocolate except for white chocolate. It is not REALLY chocolate according to the pure chocolatists! To me it does not taste the same. I tend to have chocolate as least once time a week. Stress happening? Well that changes to everyday and if it is really a bad day, several times a day. Like today. It was a two Butterfinger day. When I was in college I ate nothing but dark chocolate. Rich and dark and it just melts in your mouth! YUMMMY!

I still tend to love that best for just plain chocolate but in recent years I have come to love chocolate with “stuff” in it! (Toffee, nuts, fruit, turtles.) That makes me think that I am really getting a few vitamins. Fruits and nuts are healthy for you. That is my story and I am sticking to it! I have tried just about most popular chocolates. I love chocolate with coconut and turtles! Those are heavenly combinations. Dove and Godiva chocolates have been my staples in the world of chocolate. They are at the top of my chocolate list. I am open to always trying new chocolate…like Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolate!

Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolate !!! Just check out that page! It makes my mouth water for some. I think I would go for the Traditional Assortment first so that I could try everything. I see they also have truffles too. I got a box of truffles for Christmas one year. I must say I almost overdosed that year on chocolate in just a few days. I do not think I would get the truffles again.

They also have Pecan Cavaliers. I would have to buy those too! They look heavenly. I would have to hide those from one of coworkers in particular. She eats turtles at her desk everyday and is very unwilling to part with anyone very often. I was only able to get her to share two turtles with me in the six months she has been working with me. Stingy with her chocolate, she it! I would not share my Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolate with her either and I guess I would not have to ask her for any. I would have my own.

The next thing that needs to happen in the world of chocolate is for someone to figure out how to neutralize those calories. Chocolate IS a vegetable but some of those yummy calories need to go! Until they do, I will just continue to eat on! I can’t live without chocolate! Calories or no!

Look out Mrs. Cavanaugh! Here I come!


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