October 30, 2006

A Horror Filled Weekend

It is All Hallows Eve EVE!  I had a horror filled weekend.  A movie marathon filled with creeps and things that go bump in the night.  I was a little disappointed when I went to the video store because a lot of people had the same idea and a lot of movies I wanted to rent were not available.  Nevertheless, I still got a good lot!  I rented The Craft and while I had seen all of the movies I rented before except one, I had not seen then in soooooo long, it was like watching them for the first time.  The last time I had seen any of these movies was most likely in the 1980s.  It was excellent.  After watching the extras and deleted scenes  I learned that Fairuza Balk  really is a practicing Wicca and that there was a real Wicca hired on the set for research and to keep things authentic.  I also rented The Storm of the Century!  That is a great movie.  I think that I enjoyed that one the best.  It is tied with Fire in the Sky!  I had forgotten the part when the aliens stick a needle in the eye of the person they abducted.  I was horrified!   You know I have seen a ship and believe that aliens are among us so it was terrifying to me.  I also got Sleepy Hollow and the Mothman Prophesies.  I have watched all except the last 2 mentioned. I should have them all completed by this Thursday

The 2 movies that I really wanted to see this weekend were The Omen and The Children of the Corn.  Not these new modern makeovers or the sequels, but the ORIGINALS.  The originals are classics!   I went to my local Halloween festival a few weeks ago on Saturday night and went into a corn maze.  It was all good until someone in my group mentioned Children of the Corn.  I freaked.  We were lost for about an hour and a half with no flashlight.  There was no moon.   The sky was over cast and every now and then we would see a few stars.  We finally got our bearings and  decided that we had to get off the path as we kept running into dead ends and make our own path to get out.  That is what we did.  We made our own path.  We could not find our way out of there Creepy!

One I will be looking for next weekend is The Dark Secret of Harvest Home.  I remember this from my childhood.  It is a classic as well.  Now at the video store there is only ONE copy of these original classics and most of them are on video only.  I might just have to buy copies for myself on DVD.  I have not seen these old classic horrors in my local stores like Wal-Mart so I might have to check out AMAZON to order them.  I have not had so much mental awayness on a weekend in a long time.  (No thinking about work or family or other things)  A horror movie weekend was just what the doctor ordered!                


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