October 16, 2006

Condi and Me and Ferragamo Makes Three!

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Check out this funny article about condi and her shoes!

Here's the real dish. Since I was there, let me put all the rumors to rest. After all it is just rumor that has not yet been verified. Even Snopes doesn't know for sure; but my hairdresser does!

I had spent the last 3 days watching Hurricane coverage on tv and on CNN.com and was hurricaned out! So what is a girl to do for diversion? Go shoe shopping of course. I called up my friend Condi (I am an A-List blogger you know) and off we went shoe shopping. She was already on vacation. Her boss was too . (Eventhough New Orleans has been washed away and America seems to be loosing the war and soldiers everyday, it was vacation time for all in the West Wing. )

Condi and I had Breakfast at Tiffanies and then set our feet to walking. We shopped on Fifth Avenue and found many must have things. Condi found a new outfit for the weekend and I found a new MOO ROO. Who was thinking of the South drowning when there were shoes to see? Shoes were next on the agenda.


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