October 21, 2006


Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.


I guess when we look back, we all can say there is more than one thing that we wish we had not done, said or had happen to us. Here is my list. If only we could go back and undo. If we had to do it all over again would we? How would things be different now? Let’s see. Take a walk with me.

1. I wish I had not eaten the Gerber baby food (green peas) when I was in first grade. I pretended that it was just as good as the vanilla pudding. As a result I got sick and threw up on my pea green blanket. Now I have an aversion to anything pea green! The real thing OR the color!

2. I wish I had not eaten the apples that were sitting in the bath tub punch that night at the fraternity party when I was in college. I did not know that the apples soaked up the alcohol. I thought I was avoiding drinking by eating fruit. Fruit! It does not do a body good when it is soaked in grain alcohol. It leaves the body at a projectile pace.

3. I wish I had joined the Peace Corp as soon as I got out of college. I regret not having seen the world a few years before entering the world of work.

4. I regret assuming over and over again that a mother is supposed to love her children. Just because you are a parent biologically, does not make you a good one or one who has the capability to love her children. That repeating mistake kept me in a world of hurt when I was a child. But what else is a child to do? You are at the mercy of your toxic parents.

5. It was a mistake to see the Exorcist. It scarred me for life.

6. One of the biggest culinary mistakes I ever made was eating sea urchin. There are not enough words for the horror!

7. For most of my life I have always taken the straight path. I think that might have been a mistake as there are friends I know who take risks---great ones---and still they come out on top! I might have missed out on some excitement.

8. I made a mistake by staying in a dead end job for 7 years. Loyalty does not work at all companies when advancement is made by your political bedfellows and not work merit.

9. I tend to give my life to my family and kids with little space in there for “me.” I regret not taking more time out to things that are enjoyable to me. But! There is no time like the present and tomorrow is a new day.

10. It was a mistake to fall asleep when I was making the egg salad.


  1. Great post! I loved the egg salad story as well.

    No regrets allowed. Start living life as you want to TODAY. It is never too late to become a "character."

    Have a blessed Sunday.

  2. HEE HEE - the egg salad story is a riot (funny yet very scary!!!)

    I think we all have regrets about some things in our lives (even the stupid ones like eating the fruit in the alcohol mix).

    Thanks for posting in the Carnival (sorry I got it in late. It may have been a mistake using Blogger!!!!)

  3. LOL to the apples. . .Sorry. . .We have to laugh at some of the mistakes we've made to make it all better. . .

  4. thanks to all who stopped by! have been so busy i have not had a chance to visit your posts yet.