November 07, 2006

Are You Ready For Some Rodeo!?!

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I am. Can't you tell by my boots? I love these boots. I got them last summer and haven't looked back yet. My co-workers can't get over them! They are always looking at me like I am crazy. Last year someone did ask me if I was going to the rodeo. I wish I could. I want to. It sounds like it would be a fun thing to do.

I would love to go the the Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show aka rodeoHouston. My boots would fit right in and would most likely be well respected. I could hold my own against any cowpoke there! The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo takes place at Houston's Reliant Stadium every March. The rodeo events, also known as RODEOHOUSTON™ are sanctioned by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA)/ProRodeo and the Women's Professional Rodeo Association and all Houston Rodeo participants are members of the ProRodeo or the WPRA. The HoustonRodeo is ranked as the world's largest rodeo with over 1 million spectators each year. I bet all those people are wearing cowboy boots, but I bet they are not as pretty as mine!

Now I always thought that most rodeos were made up of just men. I was surprised to check out the women's rodeo page and discover that it started in 1948 by a group if women who wanted to add a little color and femininity to the rough and tumble sport of rodeo. Since 1948, the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association has worked to chip away the huge barriers that separate men and women in the sport of rodeo. Specifically, their goals were to gain equality in the rodeo arena while simultaneously proving that women are a force to be recognized and appreciated.

RODEOHOUSTON is a family affair. After the rodeo is over there is now a huge concert event after that normally features a variety of music which includes some of the biggest names in country, latin, rock and hip hop. To be sure you have a chance to partake in the festivities you really do need to get your Houston Rodeo concert tickets in advance. Check out some of who is in the lineup! George Strait, Clay Walker, Lee Ann Rimes and Lonestar, just to name a few. Dust off your 10 gallon hats! Brush up on your linedancing. It's going to be a shindig if ever there was one.

Order tickets early as you want to get a good seat. Now most of the seats are good ones as the stage rotates but there are some very coveted seats...the Action Seats! They are the first seven rows closest to the rodeo ring. And did I mentioned free food and drinks in that section? My boots are made for walking so I will have to walk all over you just to get there.

I want to get to that rodeo. Jessica Simpson is not the only one with boots and a miniskirt made for walking. I have them too. One day I will get to that RODEOHOUSTON! I hope to see you there. Be sure to save me a seat. Look for me. You will recognize me by my boots!


  1. Great Boots! I'll keep an eye out for you in Houston and be sure to save a seat!!!

  2. thanks matt! I love these boots too. my mother just dies when I wear them. she cannot stand them! She thinks they are totally out of character!

  3. I think I'm going to post about the new boots I got in Denver. Not nearly as interesting or conversational, however I love'em. Nacona's...I simply won't take them off. Swing by and check it out