November 26, 2006

The Catholic Show

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

I attended a private catholic high school, wearing all plaid of course, where most of the instructors were priests or nuns. We had a handful of layteachers. By the time I had reached my junior year, I was part of a very close group of friends consisting of 5 girls and 2 guys. We were all best friends and did lots of things outside of school together.

Specifically we all loved to go to the local clubs and dance. Not drink as we were all good catholic kids. But dance. We would clear a dance floor OUT with our dancing. People would stop dancing just to look at us dance. We were that good. At that time, girls and germs, Dicso was king! We were all about Dicso. We loved for Disco. We were the Disco dancers. Noone could do the hustle like we could. Noone could do the pretzle like we could, or shag like we could either. We were up on all the latest songs and dances to do at clubs.

Those were the days. When I think of those days in school , they were fun. We had some very memorable nuns. We had a nun for Spanish who was the strictest person in the school. She was really awful now that I look back. If your skirt was too short, she would make you come to the front of the class and she would measure your skirt with a ruler. too short, she would rip out the hem with her scissors. If you had doctored the hem yourself and the hem was really way to short, she would send you to the office to rent a skirt for the day. No money to rent? Well, you had to call your parents to bring you a proper uniform to wear before your could go back to class.

I learned a lot about religion by going to Catholic schools. Almost more than what I was learning at my church as a Presbyterian. I learned different things I had never really faced demons really are real. The whole excorcist thing terrifies me to this day and that each diocese has their own demonologist priest who can cast out demons. Freaky! Scary.

I have just heard about the Catholic Show. There is a push to revitalize the Catholic faith in America. Now I know there is a general reduction of all christians going to church or even being affiliated with any church at all. The world has changed so much that church in mainstream America is declining. The bulk of Christians now are overseas. They might be sending missionaries to save us eventually.

The decline of the Catholic church is as follows.
  • 75% of Catholic families do not attend Sunday mass
  • Average age of a Catholic priests and nuns is over 60 years old
  • Almost half of all Catholic high schools have closed since 1965
  • Catholic marriages have fallen by one-third since 1965
  • In 2002, only 450 new priests were ordained
  • Since 1965, two-thirds of seminaries have closed
Those were details I did not know about. Check out the podcasts for more information about what is going on with. The websites is really a place to locate and network with Catholics, former Catholics, and those interested in the Catholic Church to link to and blog about our new podcast (and website). If you listen to the first few minutes of the first podcast (available here you will quickly understand the mission to invite former Catholics back to the church and to support a Church vibrant and growing as never before.


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