November 26, 2006

After Midnight

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Remember Thanksgiving night I was in the Countdown to Midnight to go shopping? Well I was a shopping fool! I went to the Tangier Outlet and I was in very good company. First stop was the Coach Store. The line just go get in the door was about 100 people deep. There were about as many in the door. They would only let in the same number of peopel who came out. The sale was worth it. Soms of those bags were 50% off. Once I got in I had to swim the sea of people just to look around. I was able to get three lovely purses and asked were to check out. I was told that the crazy line that wrapped around the INSIDE of the store twice was the line to check out. I had to wait in that line for an hour just to get to the register. I did not leave that store until 1:45. From 12:15-1:45 just to buy three purses. It ws crazy.

After that I headed to the Converse outlet and got a pair of crazy hightops. I could not pass up the price. Everywhere I looked it was a sea of people. There were some crazy people there also. Have you ever noticed that at holiday time all sorts of peopel come out of the wood work and you wonder what cup of crazy they drunk from ? Wierd! Really wierd peopld are everywhere! Was it worth it? Yes. The same was worth it. The holiday craze was worth it as well. I was able to get about 1/2 of my shopping done. I am very happy about that! The rest of the shopping I will have to do in the next two weeks. I hate to be waiting until the last minute to do shopping. All the good stuff is picked over.


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