November 04, 2006

Drag Racing--Who Knew?

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Of My Time.....Hauntings.

My brother is three years younger than me and even thought we are only three years aprt, we have never really been close. In fact when we were growing up, he was almost like a stranger in the house. Not because of me, but because of my very toxic parents. Divide and conquer was may mothers evil way. Something I found out a few years ago about my brother was that he was into drag racing when he was in high school. What the hell!? Drag racing. What black people were into drag racing in the 1970's??? That seemed to be a good old boy southern thing way back then. But then my brother has never been a conventional person.

My mother told me that my brother had totalled one of their cars. I was in college at the time so I knew nothing. I immediately thought of a car accident. I inquired as to how. She said he was drag racing. He had taken up doing that on the weekends with his friends. I remember his first car. It was a Transam and he souped it up. That car was one my parents bought for him. He and his friends used to go the track where they did the whole monster car thing and racing. After the crash he did not race anymore. He was not hurt or I would have know about that, I think.

Now the whole car racing, drag racing thing had taken on a new life. Nascar and racing is now a national sport. To me a car is just something used to get me back and forth to work. As long a it does that, it is all good. Drag racing seems to still be a mystery to me. I guess I would have to actually go to a show and see it to see why it excites so many people. I have never been a sports person of any kind, so I really might be a lost cause. Racing is everywhere. Even on Youtube! Check out this clip!

Drag Racing Clips

There will be an all day marathon of PINKS followed by premiere of PINKS All Out on Speedtv on Nov 23rd. Be sure to check that out--all you racing fans! This is a paid post sponsored by I must be sure to pass this info on to my brother. He still is interested in cars and drag racing. He does not do it anymore. He is a family man now. He still likes to watch racing. It must be a "guy" thing.


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