November 05, 2006

Extreme Green Cars of the Future

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Car makers are looking to the future for cars that will be environmentally friendly. Check out these prototypes. Cool!

This fuel-cell powered Hummer would produce oxygen. Agae-filled body panels could break down C02, a greenhouse gas, releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. When parked, body panels would fan out to catch more light, speeding the process. The 02 would be constructed from 100-percent post-consumer recycled aluminum.

Conceived as "the ultimate recyclable California roadster," the RECY would be powered by a four-cylinder clean bio-diesel engine. Damaged panels can be easily removed and replaced.
"And yes, you can use those old panels to create that perfect campfire!" according to designers.

The Biomoke is a futuristic version of the Mini Moke, a Jeep-like offroader produced by the original Mini in the 1960s. It would be produced in a kit car form. It's body could be constructed from a single sheet of biodegradable paneling impregnated with palm tree seeds. At the end of its five-year life cycle, its body parts could be composted to grow palm trees.

The two-seat Extreme would have a honeycomb polycarbonate chassis that could accommodate various body styles. The owner could easily change the body panels. As with all of the concepts in this competition, the chassis could be recycled at the end of five years.

Check out the full story here: Extreme Green Cars of the Future~


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