November 05, 2006

Got Apogee?

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Paid Search Advertising seems to have take off. Pay Per Click Advertising is a service offered by Apogee Search designed to quickly place a website in the listings of Internet search engines. You only pay if someone clicks to your site. Check out all the details here: Search Engine Marketing For web designers and businesses, it is a great way to immediately boost your performance overnight and drive qualified traffic to your website. Pay Per Click metrics also provide a fast, accurate way to test and refine which keywords or keyword phrases are best for your online marketing. I have tried this myself and it does work. It is slow and steady, but eventually you will win the race.

Apogee Search, the largest pure play Search Engine Marketing firm in the Southwest, announced recently that it has decided to endorse and support the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO). Founded in 2002, SEMPO's purpose is to educate, and foster awareness of SEM and its role in marketing. Key sponsors include search engine giants like Google and Yahoo.

One of the main requirements is that you must have customers and not just clicks. They are interested in driving revenue and not just having click thru. If interested, you can have a analysis done to determine how your site is doing within the major search engines. Check here for the analysis.

Paid search advertising with Apogee has many benefits but a few of the key ones are:
  • Rapid gains in leads and sales within your target markets
  • A professionally managed search engine advertising campaign that maximizes the return on your monthly paid seacrch investment
  • Dramatic increases in qualified visitors to your site
  • World-class search engine advertising management to create more revenue, faster
Consider joining Apogee. With Apogee, you'll have a trusted partner who can help you get the most from your marketing dollar and quickly raise your search marketing revenues to the next level.


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