November 01, 2006

Olive Soup!

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Martini Glasses. It is all about the martini glasses. I had never had a martini until last year. I have always imagined myself glamorous, sitting on a bar stool with a martini with a good looking fellow looking my way. Then I would wake up! Yes it was just a dream and a fantasy. I always wanted to try one but I thought they would be so strong I would not like the taste. And they were. It was strong and the taste was at first like bitter medicine. Then I got warm inside and I got used to it after the 2nd one.

Last year I was on a dinner cruise with some of my co-workers and we all had martinis. The guy sitting across from me told me the martini was his favorite drink. He called it his olive soup! I had never heard that either. I watched him. Each glass would have about 8 olives in it. Olive soup! I only had three. They were dry with vermouth and made with Grey Goose. Wel, He drank and drank and drank and drank so many martinis I got scared. How was he going to get home? Others began to get concerned too, but he could really hold his alcohol. 10 martinis later and he was as steady as a rock. He drove himself home.

The glasses we had were just the plain glasses. There were not as nice as these swinger glasses. I just love them! The glasses I bought were kind of similar to these Miami Martini glasses. Just picking out the glasses is fun for me. I have alwasy had a love affair with all sorts of glassware. Check out those links! There are several other really nice, elegant styles as well.

Well when I got home I decided that I would get the ingredients for martinis at home. I went to the local "what not" store and bought a shaker set and some glasses. When I looked for glasses they had all kinds and all so pretty. The martini is the only cocktail that has it's own special glass, named after it! Hence the name king of cocktails! It has some mystery to how it came about too. I finally found a set of 4 and made my way to the liquor store. I got some Absolut and Vermouth and olives of course. Olive soup for me at home! I was set!

I went home, whipped up a shaker full and had 4. Four along with some brie cheese and crackers! This was about 6 months ago but I have not had the urge to have another since. I think I will now! (They are strong!) I love my glasses, though. Cute! I want some curly ones just for show. Can't decide what glasses you want? Buy some and use them at your next gathering...the holidays are coming...see what your guests like. Ask your local bartenders what glasses they like. But me sure to check out the Martini Glasses here!

Happy olive soup!


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