November 05, 2006

The Sour Toe Cocktail

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I was watching television last night... public television. One of my favorite saturday night shows is Globe Trekker on public television. They were showing all of the worst foods they have ever experienced around the world as an extra. They were god awful, some of them. I cannot recall what countries they were in, there were so many, but a few of the ones that stand out in my mind are:
  • The heart of a snake in a shot of alcohol. The heart is cut out of a live snake and put into the shot glass of alcohol that is waiting. You must drink it all down immediately. Don't chew. Just swallow. I wonder if it is still beating?
  • Excrement and seal fat mixed together to make an emulsion. I think it was seal excrement. Yummy!
  • Fried fruit bat
  • Bull testicles. I know that is a southern thing too---mountain oysters.
  • Sourtoe cocktail
  • Baked goat head, eyeballs and tongue in Norway
The Sourtoe cocktail was most entriguing to me. A human petrified toe is put into your shot of whisky and you have to drink in down. The toe must touch your lips. First of all what humans are giving up their toes to be used for the sourtoe cocktail? Where are those toes coming from?

After looking online, there is even a club if you are brave enough to do it. Why would you want to be a member of that club? Not me! The Sourtoes are actual human toes that have been dehydrated and preserved in salt. Swallowing one is not suggested.

Established in 1973, the Sourtoe Cocktail has become a Dawson City tradition. The original rules were that the toe must be placed in a beer glass full of champagne, and that the toe must touch the drinker's lips during the consumtion of the alcohol before he or she can claim to be a true Sourtoer. The rules have changed in the past twenty-seven years. The Sourtoe can be had with any drink now (even ones that aren't alcoholic), but one rule remains the same. The drinker's lips must touch the toe. " You can drink it fast, you can drink it slow-- But the lips have gotta touch the toe."
Do you want to join that club? Here is how.


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