November 23, 2006

Where is Mr. Right?

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

My mother thought that the world was made up of different classes of people. There were only two. Low class and Appropriate Class or I guess High Class. While she tended to place everyone she knew, met or worked with in a category, I could never see the world that way. My mother could just look at someone and knew instantly what class they belonged to. She felt that I needed to do this too when I made decisions about friends or people to date.

Well I was a very late bloomer being very shy and quiet. Dating was quite an experience. I did not date until my junior year of high school. Before anyone could go out with me they had to pass the test my mother gave them. Before the date was even sanctioned, the unsuspecting boy had to come over to my house for an interview by my mother. If they did not EVEN pass the interview the date would never happen.

So...said boy would show up to meet my parents. Setting was the formal living room not the comfortable den. My mother and father would sit on the sofa and he would sit in the chair. I was sitting at the formal dining room table watching. It was all that I could do. It was totally out of my control.

Plesantries were exchanged and the interrogation would begin. My mother did all the talking. She would ask all of the following questions:
1. Who are your people and what are their names?
2. Where do you live?
3. What do your parents do for a living?
4. How long have your parents worked at those jobs?
5. How old are you?
6. What grade are you in?
7. Do you plan to attend college?
8. If so where do you plan to attend college?
9. Do you smoke?
10. Do you drink?

Those were the basics and depending on the answers, those questions could be expanded upon. Well, even if the boy passed the test, the grilling he got was severe and he most likely would not want to go out. Imagine a bug under a magnifying glass. That was how I felt just listening and I was not even my potential date. I did go out on less than 5 dates my entire high school career. Once the news got around that any boy I wanted to see or who wanted to see me had to interview with my mother, boys steered clear.

I am still looking for Mr. Right. I just do not know where to find him. I was almost talked into posting a personal ad at Yahoo Personals. I have been fearful to do that with any internet dating program. It does seem to be the way to go. I have lots of friends who do that as the mainstay of their dating activity. Some men have been good, some have been duds. Same as meeting someone in person. Some of my friends have even met people on line and have gotten married. Now I am looking at that again...looking on line. There are many sites out there and you really need to check them all out to see what will work best for you and who is out there.

You may want to broaden your horizons and even find love in the UK. Why restrist yourself to one country? You true love or mine might not be in America. Loopylove is a free site which is a large scale, established online dating business based in the UK. Like many sites you really have to use your head and be sensible. You need to take your time and be safe. Do not rush into meeting anyone in person right away...that would be my approach. Safety is key in online dating. I think that privacy is something else any woman would need to check on with online dating as well. After reding about the site, you do have the option to be anonymous. Once all those things are too your liking, the begin the search for your Mr. Right! He has to be out there.

Looking for Mr. Right has to be the age old search of every woman. To find the one man who just wants her. That has been my search and trust me I have been unsuccessful. I do not know where the monogamous men are. I sure would like to know where they are hiding. Or maybe they are hiding from me? When I look back there has not been one person I have dated who was ever faithful. But me, I always was. That is the way of women. To be faithful and loyal and to stand by our men. Unfortunately they do not stand by us. If anyone knows where the monogamous men are, please send me an email! Leave me a comment!! Just tell me where they are!


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