December 03, 2006

An Alternative Way To GO!

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

About 4 years ago I think it was...that was when the razor scooters were all the rage. My nephew got one for Christmas. He loved it. He loved it so much he decided to go down a hill in his development. Unfortunately, that was a bad decision. He was going so fast he could not stop and ran into a tree. He broke his leg. He was in a cast for about 6 weeks but when he was all heeled up he then switched to snow boarding. He did use his razor scooter again but no hills!

Around the same time I saw people riding electric scooters as well. Now those look like fun. There was a laot of talk about them in the local paper and then it was decided they could not be used on the side walk. Also there was all the hype about the Segway. the police here use them. I would love to try one of those things! They have them at Walt Disney World at Epcot. I would love to try that thing out! They look like fun!

There are all sorts of alternative transportation out there. For example: Motor Scooters! These are not legal for sidewalks where I am, but they sure look fun! On Fast Gas Scooters, there are quite a variety of scooter styles along with the features and prices. Be sure to check out the site for all your scooter needs. The site also has a parts page if you need parts to repair or replace what is broken. In the case of purchasing there are pages that will let you do a comparison of benefits and prices so that you can make the correct choice of alternative transportation or just something plain fun to ride.

In addition to scooters, there is a cool Pocketbike that looks like fun! They have electric bikes as well. Now I have seen people riding in traffic with these. Let's not forget the go-carts. That is a throw back to my childhood. My brother used to be all about go-carts and making them when he was in elementary school. They were the wooden kind way back then. Please take a gander around the site. Urban Scooter even has a warranty on the products and customer service is available if there are any problems. Happy Scooting!