December 03, 2006

Saturday Night Laugh-IN

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Saturday I went to Target to get a few things. On the way out I decided that I needed some green tea. We went into the food sections and found some Arizona tea and some other tea called Tea's Tea. Tea's Tea---it would be the tea that tea would drink if it drank tea! I looked at it. It was a nice big bottle for $2.59. I had never heard of that brand before so I read the label. It said "out of a rumled tea pot, beside grandma's barn, whistling in the wind." Now common sense would take over and scream, put that back. I ignored common sense. I decided try it. It might be good. It was some off brand but it just might be good???

Well I had almost decided against it when I put it in my cart. I rambled up to the check out and was in line. I noticed there was something else on the label. It contained some very long word that began with a "C" that you could not begin to pronounce. In addition it stated that this word that began with a "C" that you could not pronounce was still under study for health benefits. I read it again. Target was selling some unknown off brand swill that was still understudy for health benefits by scientists! You could only see the vapor trail behind me as I flew back to the food aisle and put that back! No tea still understudy was going home with me.

The cashier laughed at me. They I begna to laught and in just a short time, it was so hilarious that both of us were hysterical. We laughed till we could laugh no more. I grabbed the Arizona tea, checked out and went home.

Did I mention that I did purchase some sparkling pink lemonade from France? It was right next to the Tea's Tea. It was some off brand too. It happens to taste pretty good. Will I buy it again? No. I'll stick with the tried and true!


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