December 14, 2006

How are you paying for Christmas?

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Well, I have bought some gifts, not all. I need to buy about 4 more gifts for the friends in my bible study. I have some cousins and neices I need to buy for as well. For the most part I have used cash. I did use plastic , just a little. I am trying now to pay some of my Credit Cards off, but when it comes to that must have item, plastic is the only way to go. I remember when I first got out of college, I had one card. Since then I have had all sorts of offers. A lot of things come in the mail that look like a bunch of junk mail.

How do you select the right card? Be sure to read all the fine print. That is critical when it comes to fees and interest rates. Check out CreditCardSearchEngine. It is the best way to compare and make the right choice for your budget when trying to choose a credit card. There are credit cards for people with all credit types. Categories include: Low Interest, Cash Back, Rewards, Airline miles, student, business, and credit cards for bad credit. Credit cars for bad credit..that is something new. I guess that is a way to help rebuild a good credit record. That takes time. Student cars? That can be tricky. If you leave college with a lot of debt, that can take a while to make that go away.

Christmas is coming and will soon be here. Come January, what will you be thinking? Thank goodness for plastic or thank goodness for cash? I will be thanking both.


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