December 15, 2006

Will Power!

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Will Power! Where is it? God knows I do not have any. I have been shopping under the guise of buying for others, yet the bags for me are biogger and heavier than the bags for others. I thought I was bad last year, but I am most definely over the top this year. Just in the last week, I have tallied all the things I bought for me when I was supposed to be shopping for others. Let's look at the scores, shall we?

Yesterday: I went shopping for a Jim Shore statuette for my bible study friend.
Friend: 0 gifts
Me: 2 Jim Shore statues for myself. Jiminity Crickett and a cat

Yesterday: I went shopping for an Itune card for a cousin
Cousin: 1 ITUNE card
Me: The Santa Clause 2 DVD, Kingdom Hearts for PS2

Yesterday: I went shopping for chocolate for a party where I am bringing a chocolate fountain
Party: Chocolate for the chocolate fountain
Me: Designer Hot cocoa for me, a bag of chocolate for me, 4 gold rimmed martini glasses, 4 gold rimmed champagne flutes, 4 gold rimmed highball glasses. (They were on sale! How could I pass them up???)

Last week: I went shopping for a wrap/cape for my aunt to wrap up in
Aunt: 0 wraps
Me: A wonderful pair of black leather gloves with silver fox cuffs. Boy I love those gloves!

Trust me when I say the list goes on. In the past two weeks I have bought more for me than anyone else. At this rate, I will have no money left for gifts for anyone! Next year I will go back to what I have been doing for the past 7 years in regards to all year beginining in January. I usually shop all year so that when October comes, all is done except for the wrapping. I wrap by Thanksgiving and gifts are just stored away in closets waiting for Christmas day.

I really have to get serious. This shopping for me is way out of control. In fact, I think I need an intervention...seriosuly! I will be glad once this Christmas is over!


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