December 16, 2006

Money Saving Advice

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The new year will soon be here and it will be a time for a new beginning. My spending is out of control as you will remember from the post a few posts back about my attempts at christmas shopping. (I only bought myself a $10.00 candle today and 6 things for other people.) After this month I will be on a shopping diet. I would like to actually sace some money this coming year.

I think the ability to save money had a lot to do with will power and I seem to be lacking in that department right about now. Luckily I am not the only one with that problem. There are millions of others out there with the same lack of will power. There are many ways to get help with that. For example the Thrifty Scot. The Thrifty Scot offers advice on how to save money using credit cards , loans, mortgages, bank accounts and insurance.

I was reading this clip from the site and realized that my bank has the same sort of savings plan. I have not looked into it, but that too might be something to do in 2007.

In February next year, Lloyds TSB are introducing “Save the Change”, a scheme to help Britons save. The basic theory is that when anyone taking part uses their Lloyds TSB debit card, the amount of the transaction will be rounded up to the nearest whole pound and the change will be swept into a Lloyds TSB savings account at the end of the day.
The site has a lot of information abotu savings. Be sure to check out some of these links!
Here's to better and more financial planning in 2007. No more wild spending for me. This year Christmas has just about done me in!


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