December 06, 2006

Party Time!

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

I am going to a party this weekend.. Black tie! I have found the perfect evening dress. I cannot wait, I am so excited. It is the same black tie party I have attended for the last three years. I look forward to it every year as it is the only time I get to wear an evening gown. I love feeling like a princess for a day. I love the swirl of wearing a long dress, holding a glass of the bubbly and dancing the night away! I keep trying to think of ways or places I can work an evening gown into everyday things. Church? Can you wear an evening gown to church on Christmas eve? Or to a holiday concert at a church? I think I can get away with it around Christmas. Last year I was too scared to wear one. This year I am. I have all these long dresses now collecting in my closet. I only wear them once to the party. I want to be able to wear them more than just once! All that money for one day!

When I was in my 20's I used to wear tea length dresses on evey holiday and at home during the holidays. It was as close as I could get to an evenign gown. I loved it. People would come over and there I was in my gown. They would be in jeans. But that was okay wiht me. It was all about me, being a princess during the holidays. I am in full process mode now. I have gotten to the place where it does not matter anymore. I can wear what I want when I want.

I just wonder how people will feel when I pull out my tiara! I have a co- worker who --if she had had a bad day of work--- will put on her pajamas or her jeans after work and get her beer or cocktail and her tiara and put it on. When she has a bad day, on goes the tiara. She has told me that on many a day her husband has come home to find her polishing off a beer or two wearing her tiara. Not a princess at work, but she WILL be a princess at home.

Princess Power! It is all about that. Evening gowns and tiaras!


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