December 05, 2006

Photoworks Coupons

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

The holidays are almost here and it is normally the time my family takes pictures. I remember taking group pictures at Christmas and Thanksgiving and having to get lots of reprints from those kodak 110 cameras that were so popular so many years ago. I still have my 110 camera. I do not think they make film for it anymore though. It is an antique now. Now we are in the age of digital cameras.

For family pictures this year, if you do not have the capability to print out using a computer, try Photoworks Coupon for sharing those family pictures with everyone. The coupons really are a savings. You can even get 30 prints free with one coupon. I was impressed with the free photo cards. Those would be great for christmas. I have sent picture Christmas cards in years past, but I have not done it in a while. I was thinking about it for this year, but it may have to wait as I would have to fine the perfect place, pose, setting and the time to send cars out is NOW! That might be a project for next year. I can get the cards now and will have them for next years.

Check out the site. There are lots of coupons that will save money on digital prints. Just print them out and use at check out. Easy as pie!


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