December 05, 2006

Juice: It Does a Body Good

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I have had a juicer for about 6 years now and I think the motor is about to wear out. I looked at some juicers at christmas and ended up deciding to wait. The one I have still has life in it but it tends to leave just a little more pulp than it used to. I like to juice but it seems to take more time than making a dinner. Now that is most likely all in my head as all I need to do is cut up fruits and vegetables. I know it takes more time to make a full course dinner. Must be a mental block.

I do feel better when I drink juice. It fills me up and you can get several, maybe even 4-5 servings of veggies in in once glass. I went shopping last week at Cosco and found some premade juices there. Bolthouse Farms is the brand name. The juice is 100% natural and so easier that juicing your own or it would work when you are in a rush. I bought the Green Goodness and the Carrot Juice. The carrot is wonderful. I love it. The Green Goodness is good but it is a little thick. And so pea green in color. I took some to work and people were horrified at the way it looked. I had no takers when I offered some to my fellow co-workers.

Last night on an infomercial I saw the new juicer by Jack LaLanne. You can put whole fruits in it. No more cutting things up. I think I will be getting that for Christmas also. My old juicer is worn out. The fact that no cutting of fruit is required is a no brainer for me. That was a deterent for me. It took a lot of time to cut up the fruit and vegetables. Now, the cost on t.v. was more that what the cost is on the site. I think that I even saw that juicer at Target. I will have to check that out as well. It might even be cheaper in the store. That will be what I check on at lunch Tuesday.

Juicing does make a big difference in how I feel. I feel so much better when I do juice. I know I am at least getting two nutricious meals a day by juicing.


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