December 06, 2006


Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

At work we have something new. New and crazy! The rumor box. RUMOR BOX? Yes, a rumor box. In an attempt to stop rumors that run rappant all over, the higher ups have decided to put out a rumor box. If we hear a rumor that we want validated or not validated, we are to write it on a piece of paper, put it in the box and then management will collect them weekly and dispell the rumors. I think this is the most lame thing I have ever heard of...a rumor box. The only thing I think it will do is have people talk more to see if it should be placed in the rumor box.

I heard a rumor today but it might be true. Beyonce and Jay-Z getting married this weekend. Supposedly Beyonce is throwing him a birthday party that is supposed to turn into a wedding. They have been together for a while now. It might be time for them to get married. We will see on Monday if wedding bells realy rang for them down in Anguilla. Check out this article about them getting married. Is Beyonce Getting Hitched?


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