January 31, 2007

The Best Pizza Ever!

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Pizza Hut has the best pizza EVER! There is no comparison. I had pizza hut for lunch. I had the personal pan pizza-supreme. That supreme pizza is just about the only pizza I order from them. I do like the wings as well. I sometimes order them. I did today so that I could have them for dinner. Yum! I have purposely eaten at other pizza places to see if anyone can top Pizza hut and noone has. I doubt that anyone can! They are the best.

Now the one thing that I have notbeen so happy about is that the closest Pizza Hut to me moved. I was very sad. Now I had to drive about 8 minutes to get to the new location. The new location is bad because it is on a very busy corner and has no parking. It is a wreck waiting to happen to get out of that lot. Before I used to be able to run down the street and sip in and out. Now it is an ordeal that takes yourlife in your hands to get a pizza.

I guess I could always order and have them deliver. On a different note chek out Houses No Money Down. I think I will have to look over the information there as I ponder my next pizza!

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