January 31, 2007

Third Eye Clarity

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

The ocean has always been a place of renewal.It washes the cares of my world away.Clarity of thought and rebirth begin as soon as my eyes see the ocean. Sad in the jazz becomes glad in the jazz as the water draws stress out of my toes and into the dark, deep depths of the sea. The constant sounds of the rushing surf take my soul to a place where only the third eye can see clearly.

With my third eye I see what I am today.Today I am a wagon wheel.I am in the inner spoke.I am the center hub and radiating out from me are jagged, crooked paths. A woman with her third eye open is a woman who can finally see. Reflection is the order of the day. Reflection on those jagged spokes of the wheel, the pathways to who I am today.I have the time.It is nearly noon and I have all afternoon to sit in front of the big wide ocean and face all there is to face, and lay to rest and put behind, to bury deep in my sea chest and hurl to the bottom of the great abyss, never to surface again.


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