January 28, 2007

The Burkini

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what do muslem women wear when they go to the beach in Australia? Well until now I guess I guess it was the full black getup from head to toe. Now they get to show a little skin with the burkini! Yes, the burkini! When I look at these suits, I think B grade power rangers. Ot something from a bad sci-fi movie. I guess when you look at it, the women must be elated to actually be able to swim in water now.

This is what the burkini looks like and aparently there is an entire line of the burkini swim wear. Check that out here: Ahiida. I guess that this is an advancement. There are women who have actually used the product and have even left testimonials as to how they liked the suit. This is an Australian based company and the suits cost about $170 AUD. The cost only goes up from there. Want one? Me? I don't think so. I think I will stick with my one piece mallot.


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