January 28, 2007

I Heart Podcasts!

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I am a big fan of podcasts. I have gone to lots of my favorite radio shows, tv shows, npr, news shows and signed up for podcasts. Podcasts are radio-style shows delivered over the internet to your computer. I them have them downloaded to my ipod. I have them all on my ipod. When I miss the news, I can always download a podcast and listen to what is happending when I get the time. There is even a podcast for learning spanish. I have even downlaoded that for my daughter. She gets that one and a disney podcast.

I think that I would like to try podcasting myself someday. First I would have to get a camera and a mike. I do not have the equipment on my computer yet. I am glad to know that there is Free Podcast Hosting. That is a great thing. There is unlimted storage and bandwidth and even free templates to help. It seems relatively simple. Record, publish and air. You might get your 15 minutes of fame via podcasting! NOT!
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